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For some time, there has been a tendency for people to search for the highest THC cannabis products they can find. This writer finds it hard to understand the hunt. Compare it to searching for an alcoholic beverage.

People are less likely to focus on the alcohol content than the taste and smoothness of a beverage. If you find a craft beer that you enjoy, it probably won’t matter what the alcohol content is. The same is true when you’re looking for a good bourbon. The bourbon, of course, is more likely to have a higher alcohol content than the beer. The same is true when looking for flower – taste and smoothness matter. Some of the better tasting, smoother strains do not necessarily have the highest THC content. For example, a good Tangi rarely goes over 19%. The Tangi strains found locally usually are around 17%. It is the go-to strain when this writer is expecting special guests or observing a special occasion. However, to get the biggest bang for your buck, a 100% cannabis extract and a nice dab tool provide great taste and remarkably high THC counts. When dialing in an electronic dab rig, you can regulate the heat for low temperatures for a more profound taste experience or dial up the heat to get good taste while getting that bang for your buck.The point here is simple. If you’re looking for high THC counts, search for a refined product that is manufactured for high levels of THC. Raw flower can provide a smooth taste for the refined palate. We can and should have the best of both worlds.

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