Veterans North East Outreach Center (VNEOC)

The Outreach Center, our keystone program, has been in continuous operation since 1985. Established in Lawrence, VNEOC started as a storefront operation, staffed largely by volunteers, to provide support and advocacy to Vietnam Veterans. Through the years, the focus of the Center has expanded to accommodate over 50,000 Veterans in our region who are eligible for care. We provide a continuum of care to Veterans, their families, from the very basic food and shelter needs to advocacy, information, referral, career, and education services.

VNEOC also sponsors a number of outreach initiatives to Veterans of all eras and families of Veterans. The Center is funded, in part, through contracts with Department of Veterans Affairs, Mass. Department of Veterans Services, US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and private donations.

Both veterans and non-veterans will benefit from this housing initiative.  Veterans will have access to safe housing and support services that are designed to meet their unique needs.  At the same time, beds will be freed up in civilian facilities for non-veterans who also need housing and other support services.

CNA Stores is proud to support this crucial service.  We encourage businesses to contribute to this endowment to honor and support the men and women who have served.

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Snow Angels

Snow Angels

Haverhill’s snow totals haven’t added up to too much so far this season, but River Street marijuana shop owner Rob DiFazio and his team are ready — shovels in hand — when the next flakes fall.

Preparing to open CNA Stores at 558 River St., in 2020, DiFazio and colleague Scott Winters have expanded their seasonal goodwill gesture called “snow angels” from Amesbury to Haverhill, hoping to dig out residents in need when another storm hits.

“We’re just reaching out to people in need,” said Winters, who lives in Amesbury. “No one even thinks about how this doesn’t get done for some people. Some people who can’t dig out can’t grocery shop. If they’re disabled, they can’t get their walker down a ramp. It’s a big, open blind spot within our community.”

With three snowblowers at the ready, DiFazio and Winters, CNA’s director of business development, have come to the aid of 15 Amesbury seniors so far this season. Winters brought the idea to the city’s Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Jimmy Olsen, who supplied a list of those in need. “We’ve seen big smiles,” Winters reported of those who have been helped.

“It’s about being a good neighbor,” said Winters, who also intends to open a retail space and cultivation facility with DiFazio in Amesbury next year. “Weed smokers aren’t just sitting on the couch playing video games. We’re just trying to do the right thing in our community.”

Article By Allison Corneau   Dec 29, 2019



LUNGSTRONG® is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2011 with the purpose of funding innovative lung cancer research. Since its inception, we have helped fund over $4,000,000 in lung cancer research for Dana-Farber Cancer Center and Mass General Thoracic Cancer Center.

For more information on LUNGSTRONG’s Pan-Mass Challenge.

Tammys Closet

Tammi’s Closet

Betty Vitale-Neal. On March 4, 1996 her 19-year-old daughter Tammi was killed in a car accident. In April of 2013 Betty opened Tammi’s Closet in her memory. She says, “I give away free prom dresses to girls who otherwise cannot afford them.”

CNA Stores also supports Tammi’s Closet, founded 6 years ago by Betty Vitale Neal in memory of her daughter Tammie to provide free prom dresses (and accessories) for those in the Amesbury catchment area. CNA/Critical Solutions has provided storage for the dresses and has now given Tammi’s Closet a new home for their retail location for 3 years.

For more information about Tammi’s Closet.

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