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Veterans North East Outreach Center (VNEOC)

The Outreach Center, our keystone program, has been in continuous operation since 1985 as a 501(c)(3). Established in Lawrence, VNEOC started as a storefront operation, staffed largely by volunteers, to provide support and advocacy to Vietnam Veterans. Through the years, the focus of the Center has expanded to accommodate over 50,000 Veterans in our region who are eligible for care. We provide a continuum of care to Veterans, their families, from the very basic food and shelter needs to advocacy, information, referral, career, and education services.

VNEOC also sponsors a number of outreach initiatives to Veterans of all eras and families of Veterans. The Center is funded, in part, through contracts with Department of Veterans Affairs, Mass. Department of Veterans Services, US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and private donations.

Both veterans and non-veterans will benefit from this housing initiative.  Veterans will have access to safe housing and support services that are designed to meet their unique needs.  At the same time, beds will be freed up in civilian facilities for non-veterans who also need housing and other support services.

CNA Stores is proud to support this crucial service.  We encourage businesses to contribute to this wonderful organization and to honor and support the men and women who have served.

More about VNEOC

Snow Angel Amesbury and Haverhill

Snow Angels | Amesbury | Haverhill

A group of local angels — "Snow Angels" to be exact — have spent the past two winters voluntarily digging senior citizens out of their homes.

The CNA Stores army of snow plowers and shovelers are known simply as the Snow Angels and have been shoveling and plowing senior citizens out of their homes after winter storms since late 2019.

"It's all of our staff, our bud tenders, our office staff, anybody who is off," CNA Stores Community Outreach Director Scott Winters said. "This is the culture of our stores."

“We’ve got a lot of guys who like playing in the snow," DiFazio said. "A snowstorm comes up, we put the word out to the team, asking anyone who wants to join us. Developing that kind of culture has really made us successful. The more you give out, the more you get back."

Doreen Arnfield, executive director of the Amesbury Council on Aging, said the Snow Angels have been a blessing for her seniors. "This is great," Arnfield said. "We have been trying to get volunteers to shovel seniors out for years."

Shoveling a person's driveway out can be a very rewarding experience, DiFazio said. "They come out and they are almost in tears because they didn't know how they were going to shovel themselves out," DiFazio said. "They ask you, 'Why are you guys doing this?' We tell them, 'Because we can.'"

Read the latest article here.

CNA Marijuana Rides the PMC


LUNGSTRONG® is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2011 with the purpose of funding innovative lung cancer research. Since its inception, we have helped fund over $4,000,000 in lung cancer research for Dana-Farber Cancer Center and Mass General Thoracic Cancer Center.

Click here to donate to Rob DiFazio's Pan Mass ride

MFH and Marihuana's CNA Stores

Massachusetts Fallen Heroes

Massachusetts Fallen Heroes is a 501(c)(3) that memorializes our fallen and we provide programs and services for our Veteran and Gold Star Family community. Help us honor the memories of the Massachusetts men and women who served since September 11, 2001 and gave their lives for our nation.

For more information about Massachusetts Fallen Heroes.

Caiden's Crusaders

If you've ever lost a loved one, the hardest part is going home. What comes next? It's the fear that the memory of the people that we loved so much will be forgotten. The promise that that would not happen is what started Caiden's Crusaders.

More about Caiden's Crusaders.

Tough Warrior Princesses (TWP)

When we hear of a woman who is newly diagnosed or facing a cancer recurrence, we work closely with their family or friend to arrange the delivery of a special Warrior Basket. These thoughtfully curated baskets are filled with essential items that offer comfort and support throughout diagnosis and treatment, along with inspirational pieces and valuable resources to guide them on their journey.

Learn more about Tough Warrior Princesses (TWP)

Our Neighbors' Table

Creating a food secure region is a collective effort of working together to ensure every person across Northeastern Essex County has access to food when and where they need it. Our Neighbors' Table relies on the generosity, time, and talents of local individuals and businesses to ensure every neighbor has food on their table. You can make a difference – your actions will help create a food secure region. 

Learn more about Our Neighbors' Table.

SGT Jordan M Shay Memorial Foundation

SGT Jordan M. Shay. Jordan was raised in Amesbury and graduated from Amesbury High School in 2005. Jordan enlisted in the US Army the following year. He lost his life in Iraq during his second deployment. In a “just in case letter”,  he clearly stated that if something should happen to him that a scholarship fund be started in his name for students who “want to make a difference in the world”. The SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Foundation was born from there. 

Learn more about The SGT Jordan M. Shay Memorial Foundation.

Lucy's Love Bus

Our mission is to deliver joy, comfort, and quality of life to children with cancer and their families through free integrative therapies and holistic support.  Lucy's Love Bus is the only nonprofit in the country that provides free integrative therapies to the entire family of a child with cancer, regardless of the child's phase of treatment.

Learn more about Lucy's Love Bus .

Marijuana Customer's Giving Back

The Pettengill House

To support and empower individuals, children and families by providing education, comprehensive case management, and basic needs; and by coordinating community supports that contribute to individual and family stabilization, personal growth and development.

Learn more about The Pettengill House.

Marijuana Supports Local Charity

Ozzie's Kids  

At Ozzie's Kids, we firmly believe that no child should go without a special something beneath the Christmas tree on that magical morning. Their dedicated team of extraordinary individuals, both full-time and part-time volunteers, are wholeheartedly committed to making a difference in the lives of others. They transform our strong beliefs into impactful actions that bring joy and hope to those in need. 

Learn more about Ozzie's Kids


Their mission is to champion the rights and well-being of our senior community, ensuring their needs are recognized and met in terms of health, economics, social interactions, and cultural engagements. They strive to empower them with utmost independence and enhance their overall quality of life.

Learn more about Amesbury's Council on Aging



At L’Arche Boston North, they imagine and encourage a world that embraces diversity and honors the unique abilities of every individual.

LBN is a community where individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers reside together as an extended family, serving as a symbol of hope for the broader community. They joyfully embrace and celebrate inclusivity! The mission of L'Arche Boston North is as follows:

  • To Create home where the gifts of people with developmental disabilities are revealed through mutually transforming relationships
  • To embrace our diverse cultures working together to build a more human society
  • To foster an environment that is inspired by the core values of our founding story: relationships, transformation, and being a sign of hope and a response to the changing needs of our members

Learn more about L'Arche Boston North


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CNA Stores teams up Root & Bloom

By Scott Winters | March 27th, 2023

We are excited to announce that CNA Stores has teamed up Root & Bloom to support the Veteran’s Northeast Outreach Center (VNEOC), a nonprofit organization that provides housing, employment, and [...]

CNA Stores Philanthropic Mission is Unmatched in the Commonwealth

By Scott Winters | October 11th, 2022

Before CNA Stores even opened for business, they were already helping the community. When the pandemic hit in spring 2020, resources became scarce for many small organizations providing food to [...]

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