1.      Overview

CNA Stores, Inc. (“CNA Stores”) is dedicated to promoting equity in its operations for diverse populations, which the Commission has identified as the following:

  1. Persons of Color
  2. Women.
  3. Veterans.
  4. People with disabilities; and
  5. People who identify as LGBTQ+.

To support such populations, CNA Stores has created the following Diversity Plan (the “Plan”) and has identified and created goals/programs to promote equity in CNA Stores’ operations.

2.      Goals

In order for CNA Stores to promote equity for the above-listed groups in its operations, CNA Stores has established the following goals:

  1. Increase the number of individuals falling into the above-listed demographics in management and executive positions in the establishment and providing tools to ensure their success.
  2. Ensure that 50% of our employee base will fall into the above-listed demographics

3.      Programs

CNA Stores has developed specific programs to effectuate its stated goals to promote diversity and equity in its operations, which will include the following:

  1. Develop a Mentoring Program for individuals falling under the above-listed demographics. The Mentoring Program will support individuals per year, and CNA Stores will provide those individuals with training from the Cannabis Training University to achieve a Masters of Marijuana Certificate. The training will cover topics such as:
    • How To grow Cannabis
    • Cannabis Cooking & Extractions
    • Cannabis Laws and Regulations
    • Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Service Management
    • Cannabis as Medicine
    • Becoming a product specialist: Essential Skills Training
  1. Participate in job searches with a focus on identifying individuals falling under the above-listed demographics.
  1. Work with different Department’s of Veterans’ Services to advertise employment opportunities tailored to hiring Veterans.
  2. Give hiring preference to individuals falling in the above-listed demographics, whereby qualified candidates for open job postings with equal qualifications will be selected if they self-identify as falling within the above-listed demographics.

4.      Measurements

The Chief Operations Officer will administer the Plan and will be responsible for developing measurable outcomes to ensure CNA Stores continues to meet its commitments. Such measurable outcomes, in accordance with CNA Stores’ goals and programs described above, include:

  1. Documenting that, at a minimum, 50% of our employee base will fall into the above-listed demographics.
  1. Documenting the number of open positions posted with the Department of Veterans’ Services of Haverhill.
  1. Providing quarterly reports measuring the effectiveness of our mentoring program and number of individuals engaged in the program.

Beginning upon receipt of CNA Stores’ first “Commence Operations” designation from the Commission to operate a marijuana establishment in the Commonwealth, CNA Stores will utilize the proposed measurements to assess its Plan and will account for demonstrating proof of success or progress of the Plan upon the yearly renewal of the license. The Chief Operations Officer will review and evaluate CNA Stores’ measurable outcomes no less than quarterly to ensure that CNA Stores is meeting its commitments. CNA Stores is mindful that demonstration of the Plan’s progress and success will be submitted to the Commission upon renewal.

In the event that CNA Stores is not meeting its commitments, CNA Stores will re-evaluate its programs and implement corrective action plan to ensure the commitments are met.

5.      Acknowledgements

  • CNA Stores will adhere to the requirements set forth in 935 CMR 500.105(4) which provides the permitted and prohibited advertising, branding, marketing, and sponsorship practices of every Marijuana Establishment.
  • Any actions taken, or programs instituted, by CNA Stores will not violate the Commission’s regulations with respect to limitations on ownership or control or other applicable state laws.

Local Cannabis serving local communities

CNA Stores is proud to serve the communities we are entrusted in. We take that trust seriously, and dedicate ourselves to providing superior service, product and diligence to our communities.

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