Witch DrX Northshore MA.

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Witch DrX Northshore MA.
Find Witch DrX Glass at CNA Stores

CNA is proud to carry Witch DrX glass in all our retail locations. Located in downtown Salem, MA, Witch Dr is a family owned and operated studio that boasts New England’s largest collection of functional glass art.

Pre-COVID-19, consumers could go into the studio and watch local glassblowers as they created functional glass. But life has changed, so CNA is happy to be able to offer their unique creations to our customers. (We will also carry other products that Witch Dr sources from around the country.)

When Kevin Engelmann travelled westward from his hometown of Leominster, MA in 1998, he had no idea where the road would take him. That was the point. When travelling with an open mind, opportunities have a way of finding you. Kevin took a glassblowing apprenticeship in Boulder, CO that winter. As he sat, staring up at the crisp Colorado sky, he was thinking “if only we could make glass look like that.” Since then, the inspiration for his artwork has been deeply rooted in nature. He brought his newly discovered talent back to the East Coast and continued to develop his skills. Among those techniques was a focus on Birch Tech – making glass resemble trees by sandblasting the surface, giving it a natural feel. Kevin created Birch Line exclusively for Witch Dr. It has become a fan favorite.

Kevin is proud of his position at the Witch DrX studio where he has been since 2017. He is excited to be teaching and pushing boundaries with his team to create complex designs. Their goal is to build their space into a top glass destination. You can find Kevin and his work on Instagram. @engelmann_glass.  Also check out @witchdrx, one of the prettiest pages on Instagram.

Stay tuned. CNA plans to highlight other Witch DrX artists in our blog. We are proud to partner with a local team of glassblowers to bring the best functional glass to our customers.

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