Your First Visit at CNA Stores

Your First Visit at CNA Stores
What should you know about CNA Stores’ (marijuana/cannabis) dispensaries before your first visit?

First, do not forget your mask! We cannot permit anyone to enter the building without one. Until further notice from the State of Massachusetts, masks are required in all retail establishments in the Commonwealth. This is for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers. Upon entering, you will see floor markings that indicate the 6-foot spacing required for social distancing within the dispensary. We will stay up to date with any changes in MA guidelines and mandates and will keep you informed. We appreciate your patience as we all continue to adapt during these challenging times.

Next – be sure to bring your valid government-issued identification. Our ID scanner recognizes all 50 states and can verify or deny validity based on both barcode and imagery. Please be aware that the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) requires and strictly enforces a three-stage identification check. The first checkpoint is a visual verification prior to entry through the main door. After you enter, we are mandated to run your ID through a verification scanner which has been highly recommended by both security professionals and by state regulators. Be assured that we do not keep any information obtained through that process unless a customer specifically requests that we do so. Your information is retained in the system only for the day of your visit because of strict purchasing limits. At the end of business that day, the information is scrubbed from the system unless we have been asked by the customer to keep it. The third and final checkpoint is at the point of sale (POS); like the door check, it is a visual inspection only. Again, we appreciate your patience as we work to make this a smooth and welcoming experience.

While you are inside the dispensary, you will find that it is similar to other shopping experiences. There will be one-on-one product specialists at every point of sale. If you prefer a quiet, more private consultation, we have comfortable seating areas where you can discuss your cannabis needs and choices with a staff member who has the expertise to assist you in finding the right product and paraphernalia to meet your consumption preferences.

We strive to make the cannabis purchasing experience comfortable and inclusive in an inviting atmosphere. We look forward to seeing you at either our 558 River Street location in Haverhill or our 77 Macy Street location in Amesbury where we hope to serve you for many years.

Please enjoy our products responsibly and have a blast.

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