When a Need Arises….

When a Need Arises….

When a Need Arises….

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought hardship to many of our neighbors, friends, and families – critical illness, unemployment, financial insecurity and, for some, not enough food. Fortunately there are heroes among us.

Elizabeth Caisey of the Dorchester Community Center has made it her life’s work to provide many needed services to her community, including internet access/computers, resume help, clothing, school supplies, and food. Dan Magoon, a combat veteran and Executive Director at Mass Fallen Heroes, has supported her by doing food drives in Dorchester. Through him, CNA Stores learned about the ongoing need and joined the effort by providing both storage and labor for distribution.

As Thanksgiving approached, it became more difficult to obtain the quantity of food necessary to provide a holiday meal for 220 families. Elizabeth Caisey and Dan Magoon worked with Rob and Joy Difazio (CNA Stores) to find a solution. Mrs. Caisey made a shopping list for turkey dinners with all the fixings for each of those 220 families who are in immediate need. She then reached out to Price Rite in Hyde Park. Dan’s group (MFH) supplied a refrigeration unit and CNA Stores (Rob and Joy Difazio) funded the project. Photos of Rob, Joy and Dan loading the newly purchased food are included with this blog post.

CNA knows that it is important to give back to the communities that need us most. During these challenging times, it must be the private sector that steps up when other organizations cannot. Service is at the core of our mission. Every CNA employee is proud to be a part of that mission. 

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