Snow Angels | Ready for More

Snow Angels | Ready for More

Our involvement with the Snow Angels project.  CNA Stores, a company with a focus on cannabis-related products, has built into its business plan a goal to meet certain social responsibilities within our community.  Regulations require some community involvement, but at CNA our plan is based on both personal and business ethics and a love of our community. Team members had been involved in volunteer projects before joining CNA and a few of those projects have already become part of the company’s outreach. We will share our stories, beginning with this post about the origins of “Snow Angels” in regards to CNA. .

During the winter of 2015, I had the pleasure of organizing and taking part in a volunteer project to clear snow from steps and walkways for Amesbury residents who were unable to do it themselves. The spirit of volunteerism was contagious, and we shared a sense of pride in serving our senior citizens, disabled residents and single parents with small children.  I was honored to receive a Proclamation from the city for community volunteer work.

That spring, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and was dangerously close to losing the use of my legs.  Gaining strength and learning to walk again was a lengthy process.  It left me unable to participate in the snow removal project and unfortunately it fell through the cracks.

Now, four years into recovery, I am physically ready to get out there with my shovel again.  When I brought the idea to my CNA workmates, they agreed that it was a worthwhile project.  Rob DiFazio, our CEO, said yes right away and began making arrangements for a trailer and snowblowers.  We now have reliable help and the necessary equipment.

We approached Jimmy Olsen at the Amesbury Senior Center at the Parks and Recreation Department.  When we explained how we would like to help, Jimmy said that he had been looking for volunteers to help with snow removal.  He was reaching out and we were reaching in simultaneously.  Jimmy and Andrew Suggs will be spearheading the project, acting as dispatchers, and receiving the requests from people who need our assistance.

We went out for our first storm cleanup during the week of December 8 and have also worked during the two storms that followed.  So far, Jimmy has given us a list of 24 residents who have requested help.  Their smiles and expressions of gratitude are heartwarming and the greatest reward we could ever receive.

We then reached out to the Haverhill mayor’s office to offer the same service to that city’s senior and disabled population.  Of course, this will increase the number of people we will serve, but it is one way that we can give back to the communities where CNA stores will be located. We consider it an obligation.  We hope that our volunteer work will help to dispel the stereotype that cannabis consumers are “lazy people”. We also hope to inspire other businesses to get involved in projects in their own communities.

This isn’t a competition, but an invitation to do the good work that it takes to move a community forward.  Yes, it takes a village.

To get you or your loved ones added to the Haverhill or Amesbury lists, please contact.

For Amesbury MA. Residents:

In need of services call Amesbury Council on Aging Senior Center 978 388 8138

To volunteer in Amesbury call 978 388 8137 and speak with Jimmy Olson.

For Haverhill MA. Residents:

In need of services call 311

To volunteer for the “Snow Angel” Project: in Haverhill MA. call Scott Winters 978 697 8405

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