Safe Cannabis Storage | Northshore MA

Safe Cannabis Storage | Northshore MA

Safe Cannabis Storage

Massachusetts regulations regarding the possession of cannabis for private consumption include a requirement for the safety and security of a person’s supply. “An adult who possesses more than one ounce of marijuana or marijuana products must secure the products with a lock.” As a long-time cannabis advocate who has heard parents’ concerns related to cannabis possession, this writer understands and agrees with the law. It makes sense for adults to accept the responsibility for storing a personal supply in a safe, locked location.

CNA Stores will be offering several products that will suit the needs of individuals who want to prevent children from getting into their stash and perhaps suffering adverse physical effects. The following are two examples of lockboxes that will be found in our stores:

The Scout by Revelry compliments our mission to honor veterans and active military. It is a fiberglass reinforced case that has the look of a military accessory. It is both waterproof and shockproof with a self-sealing valve and a double latch closure. This military green box has a customizable nameplate. Interior dimensions are 8.7”x6.3”x3.7”.

For those who prefer something a little more elegant, the Marley Natural lockbox would be a good choice. Made of black walnut, the design is enhanced by premium craftsmanship and features a unique slide top which doubles as a tray that is perfect for preparation. The interior has removable acrylic dividers with small compartments for jars and a larger compartment for storing smoking accessories.

Everyone at CNA Stores believes that safety is a top priority. Our reputation and the reputation of our consumers depend on it. By making safety options available, CNA Stores will help our customers protect their little ones and hopefully help to decrease some of the stigma related to both the plant and the consumers.

Be safe. Consume responsibly. Enjoy the cannabis products that you choose.

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