Cannabis Compliance Challenges

Cannabis Compliance Challenges
When the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) issued regulations regarding the Reasonable Vendor Training Program in July 2019, I was a bit taken aback.  The sudden release of mandatory requirements for all cannabis licensees seemed to come from nowhere or even perhaps from a group lobbying for their own interests. I spoke out against it in the media as well as in emails with members of the CCC. I was upset because it seemed to me that our training policies were being manipulated by outside sources.In October, the CCC confirmed four new licensees to provide training.  I immediately reached out to the four groups to learn their vision for the services they would provide.  One stood out right away and completely changed the way I viewed the program.

In recent years, I have had to eat crow several times and at times I can barely tell the difference between crow and chicken.  So, to be fair, I reached out to the media and members of the CCC to admit that I had formed a hasty and inaccurate conclusion.  Thanks to Rick Gilbert of Stoker Consulting, LLC, I have a newfound respect for the program.

Stoker Consulting has covered all the bases for us at CNA, giving us an in-depth understanding of privacy issues, prohibited purchases and practices (3P’s), provisions for confiscating fraudulent ID’s, common mistakes made in verification, permitting by the state and local licensing and enforcement agencies, inspections and an abundance of other equally important information.

Rick not only confronted my skepticism in a logical way, but also helped me to get excited about teaching and guiding new staff.  His depth of legal knowledge of the cannabis industry regulations, his perspective about the creation of regulations, and his down-to-earth teaching style will help to strengthen CNA’s commitment to staff education.  Annual training will be more comprehensive due to Rick’s knowledge and guidance. CNA looks forward to a long-lasting relationship with Rick and Stoker Consulting. My misconceptions have been clarified and my horizons have been broadened, thanks to Rick.

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