Serving Veterans and Our Communities

Serving Veterans and Our Communities

Serving Veterans and Our Communities
CNA is proud to support Veterans North East Outreach Center (VNEOC) and Mass Fallen Heroes (MFH) as part of our philanthropic mission. We are also aware that the civilian population is facing some of the same issues as our veterans. The endowment that we created with VNEOC focuses on reducing and ending veteran homelessness. For every vet we help, resources will be freed up for non-veterans. Essential mental health support from these organizations will focus on veteran-specific needs, which will leave more of the traditional resources for the civilian population. Throughout the Commonwealth and the nation, there are both food shortages and supply chain issues. CNA has been helping to fill in the gaps in any way that we can, so we are honored to be a part of the solutions created by VNEOC and MFH. Together, VNEOC and Mass Fallen Heroes have obtained two 53-foot refrigerated trailers filled with 1000 boxes of Farm to Family food which will be distributed to organizations throughout the Merrimack Valley and in the Seaport district of Boston. CNA has joined the effort by helping with the heavy lifting – unloading the trucks at our Amesbury location and helping with distribution. We provide space and manpower to make sure the veteran and civilian populations are fed while our communities work to recover from the pandemic and the economic fallout that affects all of us. We stay flexible with our philanthropic work so we will be able to respond to areas of need when we hear about them. CNA strives to be a company that is known for its community focus. We hope that is our lasting legacy.

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I want to add a bit about a project we are working on with Mass Military Support Foundation and Veterans Northeast Outreach Center to provide food for approx. 7000 families per week throughout the commonwealth for the next 8 weeks. We will have (7) 53 ft trailers, that will be placed in locations all over the commonwealth every week, with 1000 boxes of USDA Farm to Family food boxes. Worcester, Springfield, Orleans, West Barnstable, Ft. Devens, The Seaport and of course here in Amesbury. We at CNA, VNEOC and Mass Fallen Heroes have been doing the lifting for the past 5 weeks serving roughly 10.000 families between Boston and the Northshore. Now with the addition of 5 extra trailers per week for the next 8 weeks, well we sure could use the help.  I cannot think of any better way for the cannabis community to rally around something TOGETHER that fits that need better then feeding folks through the holidays and during this pandemic. 7 trucks with 1000 boxes (each) of food will be approximately feeding 56,000 families over the holidays. We are looking for support to help cover some of the costs of the rental of the trailers (53ft’ refrigerated units) that we have worked out a price of $2,000 per refrigerated trailer rental and roughly $600 per trailer for fuel costs (generator for the refrigerator unit) for the 8 week duration. We are looking to raise $18,300 and possibly some labor hours to help distribute at the locations mentioned. Right now during these unprecedented times its up to all of us to support each other wherever we can. If you feel you can help our mission in anyway, please reach out to John Ford at VNEOC. John can be reached at
We could use your support.

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